Orville Abrahams, Director of Community Development for the Capital District YMCA, discusses the first ever African Heritage Parade.

Watch the video to learn how this historic event came about, when it takes place, and how you can get involved.

More info about the parade, and other events relating to African heritage, can be found here: Capital District African Heritage Consortium

Young Futures is an Albany organization dedicated to bringing free arts education to kids, especially those neighborhoods where that sort of opportunity can be hard to find. In their "About Us" program, young people interview local entrepeneurs and professionals to learn about their career paths.

Check out this edition of "About Us," with local organization Tinker & Fiddle!

Check out this music video and drawings made by members of Giffen Memorial Elementary School's Scholars Program, celebrating culture, community, and nature!

And this original song and music video made by another Giffen sixth grader during the Mic Drop program at the Howe Branch