The Paper and the Pilot

The Pilot

From April to July, the publication will be built around a training program for all ages, where amateur writers, editors, artists, photographers, and graphic designers will learn applicable publishing skills. During that time, participants will contribute content to an online publication, as well as produce two printed broadsheets showcasing the top stories and directing interested readers to the online publication. The Howe Branch will serve as home base for participants, who will be able to come in for weekly workshops every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. They will also take part in a monthly editorial meeting. Experienced mentors will be available to teach participants how to craft stories, conduct street interviews, use Adobe applications, maintain websites, photograph events, etc.

This pilot program will be the foundation of future iterations of the paper.

The Paper

The New Scene will follow the original mission statement of The South End Scene as written by Dr. Alice Green in the first issue of the paper: “This newspaper of the inner city is dedicated to transmitting the factual information and serving as a vehicle for communicating thoughts and ideas to and from its people.” The New Scene will also pay homage to the goal of the original Scene, which was to provide “a way that people could communicate, have some input, talk about how they were feeling, and learn what was going on.”