Managing Editors:

  • Howe Branch of Albany Public Library
  • Mia Nilo, Executive Administrator at the Center for Law and Justice

The Howe Branch of Albany Public Library and Mia Nilo serve as the lead organizers and lead editors of The New Scene.

The paper is sponsored by an NAACP Spectrum grant.

Our Community Partners

To produce a community paper, it takes a lot of individual people, groups, and organizations to pull it together. Our vested partners share and distribute our content, gather contributors, serve as mentors, sit on the editorial board, and are a part of the sustainability planning of the paper. Current partners include:

      1. Youth FX
      2. The Wizard’s Wardrobe
      3. Giffen Elementary
      4. AVillage
      5. Young Futures
      6. EHL Editorial Services
      7. Robert Ward
      8. Shameka Andrews
      9. UAlbany Student Chapter of the NAACP
      10. University at Albany: Community Engagement Department, Community and Public Service Program, Career Services Office, and the English and Journalism and Communications Departments