A Call for Columnists

Subjects That Need to be Covered

  1. South End Food Desert
  2. Environmental Racism
  3. Gun violence, public safety, police accountability
  4. Community Cartographer: Neighborhood Maps
  5. Local Event Coverage
  6. CDTA Riders
  7. Growers and Gardeners, green/environmental alternatives and efforts
  8. Neighborhood Treasures (reviews of local restaurants and stores)

political correspondents

  1. Appearances by the governor, legislator, mayor, police chief, etc.
  2. Fundraiser events for local politicians or political parties
  3. School Board Meetings
  4. Protests
  5. Meetings for local chapters or community organizations: Citizen Action, Katal, NAACP, VocalNY, League of Women's Voters, South End Community Collaboration, Walkable Albany, Albany Libraries, SUNY Board of Trustees, etc.
  6. Common Council Meetings
  7. Public Meetings; including hearings, commission meetings, board meetings, committee meetings, public information meetings,


"My name is ___________. I am a junior correspondent for The New Scene, formerly The South End Scene, an independent newspaper based here in Albany..."

        • "...would you mind answering a few questions on the record?"
        • "...could I request a press pass to cover your event?"