Become a Contributor

Who can write for The New Scene?

Anyone can write for The New Scene. You do not have to live in The South End, Arbor Hill, or West Hill to write for the paper. You do not even have to be from Albany. As long as you have a connection to these neighborhoods, you are welcome to contribute to our paper. It takes lots of people to enrich a neighborhood and a diversity of perspectives to give a newspaper its voice. Our goal is to bring to light local issues, as well as amplify positive and growing aspects of our community.

Are you a college student currently attending one of the local universities and interested in social justice, political science, or history? Great! Come check out our archives and learn about the history of these neighborhoods and do some research on what's going on now.

Are you a lifelong local with insight into your local neighborhood? Write a something from your personal perspective.

Are you an young student still in school? Cover your local school events or survey your peers.

Is there a question you want answered? We can connect you to local organizations that may have insight into human services or social justice organization or community resources.

What if you aren't interested in journalism or a writer?

No problem! We accept creative submissions as well. Whether you're a short story writer, photographer, a poet, graphic designer, or artist in any medium, as long as you are local, you are welcome to submit your work for the online or print publication or both!

For your work to be specially featured, art inspired or influenced by things that are happening in the community are preferred but not mandatory. We hope to celebrate any and all local artists. Check out our Creative Corner!