NAACP Takes a Stand Against Big Tobacco's Marketing

NAACP Albany is Strongly Supporting Local Effort to Stop the Marketing of Flavored Tobacco to our Youth

Please Get Involved!

NAACP Albany has been working with over forty local public health, medical, school and civic organizations to support Local Law E in Albany County. The proposal would restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products like menthol cigarettes, flavored little cigars, flavored e-cigarettes and others in order to stop the tobacco and vape industries from marketing to and addicting our youth to these deadly products. Having menthol cigarettes and other tobacco products with appealing flavors in the stores in our neighborhoods continues the many decades of industry targeting of African American communities and results in higher rates of smoking and tobacco related chronic diseases and deaths. It is time to put an end to this insidious marketing and targeting our young people. Please help us take a stand in fighting back against Big Tobacco and getting Local Law E passed in November.

Here's how to get involved...

Visit to TAKE ACTION. Using the link below, enter your name and contact information to send a note to decision makers in Albany County to ask them to pass Local Law E. THANK YOU!